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Three-Dimensional Representation of Gene Expression
By looking at gene expression, scientists are searching for physical evidence that a gene has been "turned on" or activated. This data is often presented in a visual format as two-dimensional images, which can obscure the valuable information present in the original three-dimensional organism. As part of a collaboration with academic researchers, MathEcology developed a group of custom mathematical algorithms which extract gene expression from two-dimensional images of drosophila embryos and represent the information in three dimensions.

The algorithms developed by MathEcology scientists assigned spatial coordinates and attributes to the pixels of the original digital images based on the gene expression stain within that pixel. We then built a generic three-dimensional model embryo which allow for viewing of the gene expression data from a variety of angles and alignments, and can be animated to show depth.

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At MathEcology, a passion for applying mathematics to the real world drives everything we do. Through the application of mathematical techniques to the study of the physical, biological and social world, we can help you gain valuable insight into theories, processes and outcomes which may not have been otherwise evident. Particularly in areas where policy-makers must base important decisions on limited information, the value of applied mathematics and modeling in elucidating patterns and guiding policy can strengthen theories and observations -- and even provide a window into potential future outcomes.

Within MathEcology, our main focus is on biological systems, with emphasis on epidemiology and ecology, but mathematics can be applied to help solve problems in almost any field. We go out of our way to work with our clients to develop systems of mathematical equations appropriate to their unique applications. How can we apply our mathematical expertise to meet your project needs?

Our Applied Mathematics Services include:
Modeling Techniques:
  • Custom model development
  • Model adaptation, analytic solutions, and scenario simulation
  • Stability and sensitivity analyses
  • Model fitting to historical and field-gathered data sets
  • Model validation and review
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