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In some cases, clients need more than just the results from a model -- they need the model itself, in order to run additional simulations and scenarios, or to test new parameter values and ranges. But at the same time, not everyone wants to deal with cumbersome mathematical equations and simulation code. The perfect solution in this case is to wrap the model into a freestanding software application that is both powerful and user-friendly, putting the strength of mathematical models into the user's hands.

MathEcology is unique in our field in that we offer end-to-end capabilities, all in one place. We can perform the biological, ecological, and epidemiological analysis, develop the mathematical models, and incorporate all of it into a freestanding software application customized for the individual needs of our clients. Our software engineering and systems architecture capabilities are world-class. Let us help you with your challenges and develop a mathematical and software solution just for your individual needs.

Our Custom Software Application Development Services include:
Software Engineering:
  • Custom model development or adaptation, validation and analysis, and coding for incorporation into freestanding application
  • Software application development driven by user-friendly GUIs in a variety of architectures and operating systems
  • Web-based content management interfaces for data storage, retrieval, and analysis
  • Creating, manipulating, and analyzing biological databases
  • Servicing a wide range of modeling and software special requests
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DoDIM Infectious Disease Simulation
Infectious disease transmission can have a dramatic impact on deployed militaries and their mission objectives, causing significant stress on medical capabilities. For this project, MathEcology developed for the US Department of Defense a free-standing software application with the ability to compare multiple scenarios side-by-side to assess the impact of multiple diseases on deployed service members with respect to force projection, operational capability and tempo.

The mathematical transmission model within DoDIM calculates disease cases, deaths, and hospitalizations based on subpopulation (active duty, reserve) and sub-classification, and generates ratings to reflect the impact of infectious disease on troop readiness. The application then allows the user to define and compare multiple transmission and intervention scenarios, and provides graphical and numerical outputs for communication of results.

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