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Pheasant Populations and the Conservation Reserve Program
The goal of the USDA - Farm Service Agency's Conservation Reserve Program is to establish long-term, resource conserving covers on eligible farmland. In order to assess the value of land dedicated to CRP we teamed with a group of other small businesses to develop a method to evaluate the impact of CRP lands on pheasants in North America.

By combining regular bird censuses with known distribution of CRP land in a GIS application, we developed a visual assessment of the change in pheasant distributions over time and changes in land use.

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At MathEcology we focus on applying our unique combination of capabilities to the solution of biological problems. Our experience in ecological and environmental modeling allows us to help our clients communicate information about their biological settings and ecosystems, and expand that information by developing theoretical and numerical systems to describe these applications.

At the heart of MathEcology's expertise is our skill at modeling populations and their interactions, which is the very essence of ecology. Let us help you with your ecological and environmental project needs!

Our Ecological Modeling Services include:
Ecological Systems:
  • Multi-species predator-prey, multi-trophic, and competition community modeling
  • Habitat destruction and connectivity modeling, and wildlife corridors
  • Endangered species and extinction studies
  • Application of ecological theories to additional settings
  • Animal populations, including livestock and wildlife
  • Plant populations, including agricultural and natural systems
Modeling Techniques:
  • Uncertainty analysis
  • Population modeling
  • Model validation
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