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Economic Analysis of Global Measles Eradication
For this project for the World Health Organization (WHO), we built upon measles vaccine cost- effectiveness analyses and dynamic measles transmission models which MathEcology had developed previously for WHO, to evaluate the economic impact of measles eradication and mortality reduction. The objectives of the project were to:
  1. Compare the cost and cost-effectiveness of global measles eradication to the cost and cost- effectiveness of achieving an intermediate goal of mortality reduction of 98% or 90% compared to 2000 levels; and
  2. Carry out the analysis for six countries using primary data obtained from countries representative of the six WHO regions.
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One of our main focus areas at MathEcology is epidemiological modeling and research. Through extensive medical and epidemiological study and the development of disease transmission and intervention models, we can help you elucidate patterns, causes and control strategies for diseases occurring in groups of organisms.

Since 2003, we have developed epidemiological models for dozens of projects in collaboration with academic institutions, international and private organizations, and government agencies, and our work in this area continues to grow.

Our Epidemiology Services include:
Transmission Systems:
  • Human populations, structured and unstructured
  • Vector-borne, foodborne, and waterborne diseases
  • Respiratory, gastro-intestinal, and sexually-transmitted diseases
  • Animal populations, including livestock and wildlife
  • Plant populations, including agricultural and natural systems
Modeling Techniques:
  • Uncertainty analysis
  • Population modeling
  • Model validation
We can also bring in partner organizations to combine our epidemiological models with economic and cost analyses. For more information, please CONTACT US >>
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